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Christa Pike, who would be first Tennessee woman executed in 200 years, moves to reopen appeal

Christa Pike's attorneys have tried at least three times in federal and state court to get her off death row. That's not stopping them from trying again.

Sole woman on Tennessee death row, age 18 at time of crime, raises new appeal based on youthfulness

“If the courts agree that a 17-year-old is not eligible for mandatory life in prison due to well-established adolescent brain science, we should not death-sentence an 18-year-old”

Christa Pike's attorneys request her death sentence be reconsidered due to her youth at the time

“If Christa is executed for a crime she committed as a teenager, it will contradict Tennessee’s deeply held beliefs in the value of human life and redemption, as well as the scientific consensus that youthful brains are not fully formed, especially for young people who experience severe abuse, neglect and trauma.”

‘How young is too young for a death sentence? Christa Pike fights move to set execution date’

What's the difference between being 17 years old and being 18? In Christa Gail Pike's case, her lawyers say, the difference is a death sentence.

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